Welcome to the 2020

Company Christmas Party!

2020 in review...

Thank you for being patient with us this year as we have worked through the challenges presented by the pandemic. We are so thankful for our team and for everyone's health and hard work during these times. We are proud of our essential workers! It doesn't go unnoticed and we look forward to the same success in 2021!

A few announcements...

#1. Christmas Bonus checks will be deposited into your regular direct deposit account by Wednesday December 16th, 2020. If you normally receive a paper check, you will need to coordinate with your manager to pick those up.

#2. Christmas hoodies are ready to be picked-up. Your manager has yours at your "home" office. Please coordinate picking one up from them.

#3. If you are a winner today, Chasity Reeves in HR will reach-out to you next week and let you know where to pick-up your prize.

a few words from our president...

a few takeaways...

#1. All drivers now eligible for 6 paid holidays. Eligible after 90 days of employment. If you are working on a holiday, you can use this as a bonus for working that day.

#2. Changes with Carthage office within 90 days or so.

#3. Company pays $250.00/month for employee health insurance.

#4. Company has 401(k) plan. We do match a portion of your contributions. If you are interested in signing-up you can call Principal at #800-986-3343 or visit www.principal.com/welcome.

#5. Safety Update (Cameras, Safety Scores, Insurance Costs)

#6. Thank you to all of our departments and employees.

Service awards...

The company places great value in our tenured employees who have shown loyalty and longevity with the company. Service Awards intend to recognize those efforts and milestones!

We offer much gratitude toward the following Service Award Recipients.

  • Patty Thompson: 10 years of service

  • Rodney Stramel- 5 years of service

  • Leon Shannon- 5 years of service

  • William Dunaway- 5 years of service

  • James Lewis- 5 years of service

  • Alan Christmas- 5 years of service

  • Barry Mason- 5 years of service

  • Ronnie Mullens- 5 years of service

  • Billy Samuels- 5 years of service


driver of the quarter awards...

Driver of the Quarter nominations are submitted to the safety committee for review each quarter by the department managers.

Some criteria considered for the winners of the award are: communication with operations, overall performance, fuel mileage, safety (such as lytx score, tickets, accidents, etc.), and maintaining of equipment. 

Congratulations to the following winners! You will receive an additional bonus of $25.00

  • OTR Reefer Professional Driver: Jeff Stovall

  • Local Reefer Professional Driver: Mike Usery

  • Springdale Professional Driver: Rusty Burnett

  • Carthage Professional Driver: Erasmo Agueda

  • Harrison Professional Driver: Corey Shelton

  • Batesville Professional Driver: Mason Drouin

Let's also Congratulate our Q1-Q3 2020 Driver of the Quarter winners:

Quarter 1:

  • Matt Lutz

  • Darren Ethison

  • Shawn McClellan

  • Joe Lewis

  • Mike Wages

Quarter 2:

  • Thomas Blackbell

  • Bob Hrabec

  • Johnny Armer

  • Terry Carpenter

  • Noah Pennington

  • Joshua Hahn

Quarter 3:

  • Mark Elser

  • Alex Crow

  • Billy Samuels

  • Sean Rhoades

  • Dean McGinnis

  • Thomas Payne


driver of the YEAR awards...

Driver of the Year winners are selected out of the quarterly winners for the year. The same parameters are used to determine the winners.

Congratulations to the following winners! You will receive an additional bonus as a thank-you for your achievements!

  • OTR Reefer Professional Driver: Read a below to find-out!

  • Local Reefer Professional Driver: Bob Hrabec

  • Springdale Professional Driver: Mike Wages

  • Carthage Professional Driver: Erasmo Agueda

  • Harrison Professional Driver: Billy Samuels

  • Batesville Professional Driver: Joshua Hahn

I think we would all agree that our OTR drivers have one of the toughest professional driving positions. They spend weeks or months away from their families and friends in order to keep the supply chain going. This has been even more important this year as we experienced shortages in our grocery stores and operated as essential business.

As the tradition began in 2019, we have another customized truck to award to our 2020 Driver of the Year winners for our OTR division.

That winner is:

Matt Lutz

Congrats, Matt. We are so proud to have you and the rest of the recipients on the team!

This year's truck will be very unique, so let's take a look back at last year's truck for reference...

doy barry mason.jpg


$500.00 gift card giveaway winners...

Drawing #1:
Congrats, Kyle McKelvey!
Drawing #2:
Congrats, Shane Mitchell!
Drawing #3:
Congrats, Johnny Armer!
Drawing #4:
Congrats, Timothy Holmes!
Drawing #5:
Congrats, Mike Ebbs!
Drawing #6:
Congrats, Joshua Hahn!
Drawing #7:
Congrats, Matt Harris!
Drawing #8:
Congrats, Jerry Greger!
Drawing #9:
Congrats, Bryan McCleary!
Drawing #10:
Congrats, James Lewis!
Congratulations to all the winners!
You will be contact by Chasity in HR of where to pick-up gift card.