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We are thrilled to have you apart of our team! Please click one of the links above to access employee information.

Below is a contact list, in case you need to reach anyone at the office.

Main Line: 479-738-2333

After hours on-call: 479-738-8810

Fax: 479-738-1795

Brenda Puryear, Fleet Manager

P: 479-738-3413

Jacob Grigg, Fleet Manager

P: 479-738-3402

Rayce Markley, Fleet Manager

P: 479-738-3409

Will Willits, Fleet Manager

P: 479-738-8835  /  479-738-8810

Delia Vasquez, Administrative Assistant

P: 479-738-3404

C: 479-738-8814

Russ Curbo, Safety Director

P: 479-738-3414  C: 479-738-8832

Johannah Howell, HR Manager

P: 479-738-3410  C: 479-738-8836

Ben Ogden, Payroll Manager

P: 479-738-3406

Lisa Ogden-Collins, Trucking Payroll

P: 479-738-3415

Lori Pemberton, Dedicated Payroll

P: 479-738-3416

Samuel Satterfield, Maintenance Director

P: 479-738-8834

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