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    Health And Safety Page:  Great Articles and Ideas For HSE Awareness

Yearly Driver Certification
Have you had any traffic violations (other than parking violations) for which you have been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral during the past 12 months?

By clicking "Submit" you aree that the information you listed above is true and complete to the best of your knowledge and you certify that you have not been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral on account of any violation required to be listed in the past 12 months.

Space Management Training for CMV Drivers

Good PowerPoint on proper space management for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers.  It never hurts to refresh your knowledge base.  This allows your brain to more easily access the training during the times that you need to recall it for use.

Recognize Mental Illness on the Road

By using the information provided in this article you can learn more about how to detect, prevent, and treat mental illness while on the road. It can be a lonely place at times, but always know that we are available at any time to discuss issues and concerns that you might be facing. Feel free to reach out to us or another driver to discuss what obstacles you face while on the road.


Fitness On The Road

Staying fit or getting back in shape as a truck driver can be feel like an enormous task.  With the majority or drivers being obese, the health crisis in our industry is growing.

Here is a great article in Men's Fitness about Justin Boschee, a former college football player turned OTR driver. While his workout might be advanced for a lot of us, his overall health tips are something we can all learn from.


            Common Trucker Health Issues

There are a lot of health issues facing drivers today.  The biggest issues are the truck driver lifestyle and the lack of access to medial care while on the road.

Here is a good article for both awareness and tips to combat many heath issues facing OTR drivers.



Caffeine:  Get All The Details

Most Americans use caffeine as part of their daily lives.  While it is relatively safe, when used properly, most individuals do not know much about it.  Aside from its stimulant effects, what else should we know about our most popular way to awake up.  Here is a great article with links to much more information about it, to get you informed.


CBD Oils May Result in DOT-Testing Violation

Follow the link below to read more about CBD Oils may results in DOT-testing violations.