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Quarter 3 Driver of the Quarter Selections

Driver of the Quarter awards at Lew Thompson & Son Trucking serve to recognize some of our top performers across the company. Awards are based on tenure, performance, safety, Lytx score and fuel mileage.

Local Reefer Division:

Selection: Alex Crow (employed beginning 8/27/2019)

Alex's Driver Manager noted that he "always goes above and beyond to do his job properly. He always makes sure that trailers are fueled and ready to go. If he is unsure of what needs to be done he will call to verify. He is always a pleasure to talk to and has a good attitude". Thanks for your attention to detail, Alex!

OTR Division: Selection: Mark Elser (employed beginning 5/11/2020)

Mark serves on our Over the Road Division and is such a joy to work with! His Driver Manager, Jacob, had great things to say about him. Jacob noted "Mark is an outstanding driver. He makes his delivery times, his truck is always clean, he has the best attitude. Mark will get his 70 hour break between loads so he doesn't run out of time. He is super easy to work with and a great guy". We are so glad to have Mark apart of our team! Congrats Mark and thank you for your hard work.

Batesville Feed: Selection: Thomas Payne (employed beginning 4/13/2020)

"Thomas Payne is an exemplary team member on the Batesville feed haul team. He is dependable and completes his tasks without fail daily. Thomas focuses on safety and this is evident with his "0" score on our Lytx system. Thomas' attitude is always positive and is a pleasure to manage and work with". This statement was noted by Thomas' manager for all of his hard work and dedication to the company. Thanks, Thomas!

Springdale Division:

Selection: Dean McGinnis (employed 7/01/2019)

Dean is a very safe driver on our live haul division, which is extremely technical and requires paying close attention at all times. Dean is dependable and has worked on the less desirable shift happily. Thank you for your hard work, Dean!

Carthage Division:

Selection: Sean Rhoades (employed 12/11/2019)

Sean's manager noted that "Sean is my number one shuttle driver. He puts in lots of hours and takes care of a lot of things for me at the plant. He has a great attitude and always works hard!" We are proud to have Shawn on the team!

Harrison Division: Selection: Billy Samuels (employed 12/2/2015)

Billy is our longest term employee on our turkey live haul division. As many know, live haul is one of the most difficult positions we offer. It operates at night, in not ideal conditions, has tricky turn arounds and top-heavy loads. Billy is one of our lead drivers and helps train new drivers as well. Billy's manager notes that "he is a lead driver that addresses any issues that come up overnight. He is a hard worker and is always willing to help-out as needed." Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Billy!

Driver of the Quarter winners are eligible for Driver of the Year honors as long as their performance and safety continues to be outstanding. We appreciate these employees, but also all of our employees who work hard everyday and make this company a great place to work! All winners will receive a gift card and a thank you from the Lew Thompson team!


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